What does the slogan SEE YOU NEXTERDAY actually mean?
Children have no sense of time. Yesterday, the day before yesterday, today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow….

Simple: "as soon as we meet again"


Where does the name TYGO & vito come from?

These are the names of the dogs of Yvonne and Inge, the founders of the brand.

TYGO is the big dog 🡪 written in CAPITALS
vito is the little dog 🡪 written in small letters

Font style

TYGO & vito communicates in the DYSLEXIE font. This font was specially developed for people with dyslexia. The special design makes it a lot easier and nicer to read. Very important for us and our children.

SOS Children's Villages

Since its inception (1st delivery February 2017), TYGO & Vito has made a small monthly contribution to the international child development organization SOS Children's Villages. SOS Children's Villages ensures that children can grow up in a loving family. By supporting vulnerable families to prevent their children from being alone. And by giving children without family a new home in an SOS family.

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